Friday 15/March 2013

I deleted all my news apps today. Every morning, after I hit snooze for the millionth time, I would log on and read what had happened in the world while I was asleep. I have to say 99.99% of it was not pleasant, and this is how I started my day for as many years as I have had a smartphone so about five years. It was not an easy decision for me to delete the apps – much like it isn’t easy for a smoker to give up smoking – but I decided my life (and everybody else’s life whom I inflicted with these bad news stories) was worth more than this. I actually went cold turkey about two weeks ago. Each time my finger went to open a news app (of which I had many), I stopped mid-point. Given I hadn’t read the news for two weeks, I thought it was time to take the leap and delete those apps.

Deleting the apps was the best decision I have made in a while. I was news hungry – like many people I would imagine – but it was more than that. I kicked a negative habit. I don’t remember ever reading a good news story that uplifted me so it was time to give it up.

‘They’ say there always comes a turning point in your life where you change, whether it’s consciously or sub-consciously. Some people buy boats and vintage cars (yes…you know who you are!) and some people change their outlook on life. Mine was as simple as saying ‘see ya later’ to the news and ‘hello’ to the world in front of me. I know bad things are happening all over the world and what is happening in many countries is a sad situation, however, instead of reading about them and then forgetting about the atrocities, I have decided to take action and do something. I haven’t quite thought of what yet but it will come to me. I am done with jamming my neurons with negative signals & images, positivity is the key to success.

Do you need to un-jam the neurons? If so, how and when will you do it? Now.

Until tomorrow ~ Live life, love life.



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