Friday 22/March 2013

First of all, Happy Birthday to one of my beautiful & funky friends, she knows who she is mwah xx

Secondly, thanks to Faizal for suggesting that I put the most recent ‘nugget of awesomeness’ at the top so people didn’t have to scroll down for the latest. Seriously. What a great idea. I bounced out of my seat when he suggested it!

I don’t know about you but it has been a totally wave-filled week for me – lots of energy afoot. It seems to have increased two-fold since I started tapping all my experiences into this blog. I am seeing & feeling positive experiences a lot more now and really doing away with searching out those negative ones. I must admit, things that irritated me two weeks ago seem to have fallen by the wayside. But don’t get me wrong I haven’t turned into some esoteric sun god or anything; I still have my moments, just not so many. I guess I am simply looking for different types of experiences that make me happy and want to smile, instead of seeking out the ones that make me unhappy and want to frown. I also notice people smiling a lot more, or is that because I am focusing more on them these days?

We all deserve love & kindness, especially from ourselves, because when we love ourselves, we will love those around us. Happiness and confidence is most certainly contagious. If we surround ourselves with people whose light shines through, guess what, so will ours. If we find like-minded people to share our passions, interests and jaunts then it can only be exhilarating to talk and be with them, right?

Like-mindedness unites us. Have you ever met someone and within five minutes of meeting you just connect and feel like you’ve known them for years? We learn so much more about ourselves through these types of connections than we do from the negative ones.

I have a story and I am going to travel back to my supermarket now. I love my local supermarket. It’s cute, quaint and family-owned.

The moment I walked in this morning, my favourite check-out lady asked me how my son liked the Grand Prix. You have to remember that the last time I saw her was a week ago. It felt good that she remember and as I stood in the check-out line I watched and listened to her. This lovely lady knew these people and about the goings-on in their lives. She asked after their kids and how they did in their maths tests, how the grand-kids liked the icy pole treat they got last week, and how the dog liked the new brand of pigs’ ears! That is an amazing amount of information to store about people and she made everyone feel good today. What a gift.

The lady has an amazing talent of making people feel special and human, and the people love her – I love her! She epitomizes everything wonderful about our species that unites us. I am truly blessed to have been given the chance to connect to her. I have been going there for five years now and it’s probably only in the past year or so we have actually spoken to one another.

As we rushed around, I think it’s important that we stop and smell the gardenias and ask people ‘How was your weekend?’ or to give a compliment. It’s becoming increasingly rare to make these types of connections as we rush in and rush out with our milk or double shot latte. We think we don’t have the time but really we do. We have all the time in the world, which in reality hasn’t changed since the dawn of time.

So whose soul will you feed tomorrow? Shine the light.

Until tomorrow ~ Live life, love life.



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