Monday 25/March 2013

Well, another month is almost over and we’re heading into fall at this end of the planet. Fall and spring are my two favourite seasons of the year – out with the old, in with the new, a necessary change.

Change is so exciting yet so daunting. Embracing change requires a lot of guts. But can we embrace it with such a passion that regardless of what it is the outcome will end up being a positive one?

From the moment we enter the world, we experience change and it is probably the most traumatic change of our lives. We open our eyes for the first time to see a blurry, almost non-existent, world; we learn to eat, drink and breathe for the first time without the help of our mother’s umbilical cord; we cry for the first time; we walk for the first time; we learn to talk for the first time, and on and on it goes. So if we look back at all the change we have already gone through then why do we fight it so much? Have we forgotten that we are creatures of change & actually thrive from these experiences?

Humans have evolved into a complex species where thinking is taught to us from a very young age. Thinking is not bad thing as long as those thoughts create positive outcomes. Through thinking, we have created flying machines; travelled into space; cars; atomic bombs (not such a great creation but a creation nonetheless); computers; batteries; power generators; language; moving pictures; buildings etc etc etc. And again, I ask – why do we fear change when we, ourselves, create it?

The world is undergoing a big change at the moment, popular buzz word about: climate change. I am not going to bang on about it because the discussion goes round and round with some saying it’s happening and some saying it isn’t. I am not going to be an armchair scientist and argue either point but what I will say is that our planet is definitely going through a change. It’s a natural evolution for the planet to change as it grows older, we just happen to be the inhabitants lucky enough to change with her.

About three years ago, we went to Scienceworks in Spotswood (Melbourne). We watched a  show at the planetarium called ‘Our Living Climate’, which is still showing by the way. Planet Earth has always gone, and will always go, through physical changes because it’s a living planet. As the Earth is more than 4 billion years old, change is the most natural, consistent state of this planet. Could we go through our 60-90 years on Earth without any element of physical & psychological change? I am sure some of us would like to stay young & wrinkle-free forever but that’s not what life is about.

My grandpa is turning 99 in less than 3 months and he has seen the world change over and over again. He has seen and been in wars, experienced revolutions – both social and technological. He is still, at the ripe old age of 99, experiencing fatherhood, grand-fatherhood and great grand-fatherhood. Pretty amazing guts this man has to still handle change the way he does. When I saw him last, I asked him how he handles change and his answer was simple yet wise, ‘We have no choice but to accept the ways of the world so we just get on with it.’ Spoken like a true life veteran. We just get on with it.

As change is an inevitable part of life we do just have to ‘roll’ with it. If we don’t, our minds and souls will just wither up. Some change is not so welcoming but as my dad says, the key is to stay ‘fluid’ at all times because what is today may not be tomorrow. If you’re fluid, you’re prepared for any type of change.

Change is an important aspect of our lives, whether we want it or not. Some change is brought about by us willing it to happen, other change is circumstantial. Some change we can’t control and these are usually the times when I, particularly, fear it the most. But what if I harnessed that fear and gripped it by the horns and said, “Bring it on!” – the energy would be two-fold and the outcome a lot more inviting.

If you’re going through a bit of change at the moment and the energy is daunting or is a bit hard to handle then Dr Timothy Rayner has some good tools on his website to help you through. I will also post his blog to my site so you can browse his topics – you needn’t go it alone.

Ready to grab the change bull by the horns so your life gets a whole lot more exciting? Andale!

Until tomorrow ~Live life, love life


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