Saturday 16/March 2013

So I decided to un-jam the neurons and hang out with my 7-yr old son today. He has truly become my best mate. He says and does the most wonderful things that make me turn to mush; I truly enjoy hanging out with him.

I took him to his first Grand Prix (he’s mad about cars) and we were sitting in the stands watching the F1 cars fly by then the heavens opened up. As we knew this would happen, as it’s so Melbourne for the weather to turn in a flash, we cuddled up to each other under our ponchos and waited for the rain to ease up. It absolutely bucketed down. However, in spite of the rain, everyone had beaming smiles on their faces; totally happy to have the privilege of being at such an awe inspiring event. Totally living in the moment.

 My son has a great philosophy about the rain. He knows that without it, there wouldn’t be trees and without trees there wouldn’t be the air we need to breathe. Living in the moment for the future. So we both love the rain and we are completely unperturbed by it, afterall, it keeps us alive.

Kids are so adept at living in the moment. Whether it’s being at the supermarket and wanting that super hero toothbrush ‘now’ to savouring their favourite dessert. So my action for the month is to take note on how kids live in the moment and how I can attach their skill to my life. I have truly forgotten what was it like to be a kid ~ all part of getting old!

Dare you to do the same.

Until tomorrow ~ Live life, love life.



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