Sunday 10/March 2013

I am in Sydney this weekend with my lovely husband, enjoying all it has to offer. The weather has been fantastic & we have caught up with some of our closest and oldest friends (read: pre-child days!!)

Following on from my 7/March post, true friends are a great source of life energy. As everyone’s lives are unique, the fact that your friends allow you to be a part of theirs adds a new dimension & perspective to your own. If you have genuine & truthful conversations with your friends, your perspective will invariably change, whether you’re aware of it or not. Your view becomes a lot more rounded and inclusive of other ways to feel, do and think about things.

The conversations I have had were exactly this. We talked about a great range of topics from how hot Daniel Craig is to the meaning of passion in one’s marriage. I am truly blessed to have people around me whom I can rely on to constantly enhance my way of living.

One best friend in particular – my husband – always pushes my perspective to its limit. Whilst it isn’t always welcome, it does make me more aware of certain views (and feelings) that I need to work on.

Views can be altered, irrespective of how entrenched you think they may be. Some are non-negotiable but most are fluid and that’s the great thing about them being transient in nature. If I am open enough to allow that change into my life then it’s a win-win. As a species, we can only get better in accepting and loving people for who they are – as long as we keep our minds and eyes open to greater possibilities.

Until tomorrow ~ Live life, love life.



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