Thursday 7/March 2013

First of all, thanks Danni for sharing your positive experience. It’s a great skill that you have to be able to weave people into the fabric of your life. And I completely speak from experience given our random chance meeting at Middle Brighton beach in Oct 2008. I, too, was new to Melbourne and you brought me into your fold, so it’s only natural for you to be paid in kind.

You, Chriddy and Jamie have enriched my life beyond words, and you continue to do so, even though you’re 1000 kms away. I have seen you grow from a young woman to a wife and now into a mother of a beautiful baby boy. I am blessed to have been given you as a life line.

Life lines are important to give and to receive. They are great reprieves for the realities that happen to us all. I was standing in line at the supermarket this morning in front of this young woman who was packing up about a hundred bags of food (those who know me know that I embellish quantities, I was crap at math). As I know the check-out operator quite well, she told me that this 19-yr old girl comes in every day at around 7 am to buy food for elderly people who are incapacitated at home. What blew me away, though, was she does it out of the goodness of her heart – she doesn’t get paid for doing it. This young woman does this every day before she goes to university, talk about selflessness (I think someone in the old days called it humanity…) The simple fact that this human being has chosen to dedicate so much time out of her life to help others reiterates that an absurd amount of goodness lies within each and every one of us. And on this note, I’d say it’s pretty neat to be a human being, wouldn’t you?

Until tomorrow ~ Live life, love life.



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