Wednesday 20/March 2013

What a day! Serious energy buzzing about. Wherever I looked, I saw waves – just what I love.

A work colleague gifted me a copy of ‘Thrive’ last year and I watched it last night. Enlightening to say the least. If you haven’t already watched it, you can see it for free (in 20 languages) on their website Thrive Movement.

Now, as aforementioned, I’m not a maths type. However, after watching Thrive, I almost believe that maths is almost as important as words (I am biased even though my grandmother was a mathematician).

The movie suggests that the power of a math concept called ‘Torus’ coupled with the universe’s physics creates the energy around us. And get this – we are the needle of the ‘Torus’ compass.

Now if we learn to ground our energy and focus our needle on what we are trying to achieve, we can emit a limitless amount of positive energy.

How amazing ARE we?

I bounced out of bed this morning, despite only having five hours sleep, and felt full of energy all day.

Whilst there are a few negative facts about the world in the movie, it didn’t deter me from focussing on the solutions.

What we are doing here in this blog is a good example of a positive solution. We are grounding our ‘needle’ to create positive energy through our thoughts in order to create a better world. If we truly feel & believe what we write then we will achieve this. Even if you change one person’s life with your positive energy then you have done a lot more than if you had done nothing with your energy. It’s contagious. Just like being negative is contagious, but being positive is so much healthier and better for all of us!

So doing nothing is no longer an option now. Action is the key. We all need to focus our needle, open up our energy source and emit those ‘Torus’ waves throughout the universe.

Also thank you to Jim for inspiring this post. Waking up at 54 is massive and I’d like to hear more..

Bouncing yet? I am.

Until tomorrow ~ Live life, love life.



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