Tuesday 26/March 2013

As I read the stories that people share on their blogs, I am inspired by the amount of souls out there who truly believe the world is a good place. I am even more inspired by their courage to communicate their thoughts, joys & fears to us.

As I have only been writing this blog for three weeks, I am comforted by the fact that my hunch about ‘goodness’ wasn’t wrong.

Communication is key to a fulfilling life. All sentient creatures communicate with each other. Did you know that adult cats don’t actually meow at each other – they only meow to humans? Next time you see a cat, say hello to it and it will meow back or it will display another type of non-verbal communication. This will happen even if you are a complete stranger. It’s truly fascinating.

Have you ever walked down the street and said ‘hello’ or ‘good morning’ to a passing stranger? It seems an odd thing to do, these days, but perhaps we need to start doing this again to break down some barriers that seem to have closed us up to be able to form meaningful connections. They don’t need to become major lifelong relationships but wouldn’t it be great if we all connected at some level in order to work together to make the world a better place?

One good example is children’s ability to do this. They are so adept at forming bonds with complete strangers that we can learn a lot from them about trust, compassion, acceptance and kindness. Kids launch themselves into a situation and they aren’t scared or hesitant about the connection at all. In fact, I don’t think they think about the long-term effect of their connection, all they want to do is have some fun – NOW! Definitely a lesson to be learned there.

Can adults do this with such gusto as kids can? I don’t launch myself into connections like kids do but I try to make an effort with strangers where I can. Over many years, I have had to gently chip away at these walls that have been built over time but why did I let them go up in the first place? Perhaps life experiences helped them go up but in my case it was lack of trust in all things human. My motto for hundreds of years was, ‘If you can’t trust your friends, then you definitely can’t trust strangers.’ Thank god I hit delete on that motto because it just isn’t true.

But for some, connecting to strangers isn’t an issue. I used to walk to work last year and en route I would pass the same woman who beamed a huge smile and said, ‘Good morning! Nice day isn’t it?’. It shocked me for a split second but she melted my ice wall and the experience has made me a more receptive person. She truly made my day (and life) by saying hello to me, I was important enough for her to acknowledge me.

In the old days, men would walk past women and tip their hats. I know it’s old-fashioned but it was a polite gesture to acknowledge your existence. A strong non-verbal cue that spoke a thousand words.

How about you? Do you acknowledge people’s existence by smiling, nodding your head or by exchanging a polite greeting? Non-verbal communication is as highly effective as verbal communication, give it a go in the morning. You might get some weird looks but it will get people thinking and most of all feeling.

Until tomorrow ~ Live life, love life



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