Wednesday 27/March 2013

I was tossing up tonight about what to write about. I have read numerous blogs today, experienced a great number things that fed my mind with different lines of thought. However, as I went to the gym after work today, I have decided to write about the value of exercise.


I was never ever ever sporty at high school. I hung out with the ‘cool’ kids who skipped school to smoke and drink with boys down at the local park. I was a completely wayward teenager and at the time, I thought I was the coolest kid on the planet. The most physical exertion in which I ever partook was jumping a 6 feet high fence to get into the boys’ school next door.

A bit later on…

Last year and 23 years later, my husband signed me up to do the 10 km. I cursed, swore and gave him the silent treatment for days. I was SO angry – even right up to the point the gun went off for us to start walking. I stomped off and didn’t even say bye to him or good luck as he was doing the half marathon. I was about 15 kg overweight and in reality I was feeling depressed about everything. I felt too heavy to walk 10 km and I felt forced into doing this walk. Not happy.

Soon after…

After the walk, my husband and I took a long, hard look at our diet.  We knew we were eating all the wrong foods and coupled with a severe lack of exercise, we were on the fast track to making our son an orphan. So we knew we both had to act, together.

We spoke to a good friend who recommended a do-able diet to shed the kilos. We religiously stuck to this diet for three months. It was tough but after a month or so we realised how much crap we were putting in our mouths, particularly sugar because of the amount of weight we had lost. We substituted drinking a huge glass of water to curb the sugar craving and my god, it worked!

Although I had shed about 10 kg, I felt like I had to ramp the exercise up. I was exercising 3-4 times a week but it was very low impact, I wasn’t getting a sweat on. I didn’t want to go to a gym because of this self-image hurdle I had going on in my mind. I am the most uncoordinated, flipsy flopsy person you will see doing exercise. I run like Mr Bean and I just don’t have what it takes to be that superstar athlete.


By chance, I got an email for my predecessor for a gym up the road from work. I decided to check it out as I had been thinking about the whole gym thing. I gave the gym owner a call and explained to him that exercise and I have an unrequited love. He made me feel easy about it all because he said most people who use his gym feel the same way. I thought yeah right, what a spiel, but I decided to give the three-free trial sessions a go.

Man, those first three sessions were so hard but at the same time they made me feel so good. Ok, I couldn’t sit down on the toilet seat without holding the wall to lower myself down but psychologically I felt great. Exercise got the blood running, I got a sweat on and to top it off I met some really cool people who also have an unrequited love with exercise. Total support.

I took the leap and signed up for six months. I am committed and I go, religiously, three times a week. Studies show that humans need to do moderate exercise for between 30-40 minutes a day to keep their mind and bodies functioning well so I know I need to ramp it up a bit but little steps….little steps…

So today, six months later, I am thanking my husband for what he did for me. Although at the time I could have easily made myself a widow, he shot a rocket up my ass to get me moving. I was seriously wallowing in self-pity about everything but when I finished the walk, I was on a complete high that I actually finished something for myself, by myself and with myself. My husband made me revolt against myself, strange concept but quite true.

The whole point of my blog was not to talk about me but to talk about how someone (who just happened to be me) overcame their complete adversity to any form of exercise and what the enormous health benefits have been. Incorporating an exercise routine and strict diet plan into my life has grounded me to the essence of life. It took a lot of physical & emotional strength to overcome these hurdles but with little steps anyone can achieve it. Trust me – if I can do it, you can do it!

From this day on, will you treat your body to 30 minutes of exercise, every day, to keep your mind & body alive?

Until tomorrow ~ live life, love life



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