Wednesday 6/March 2013

The world is full of positive happenings even though we are reminded every day of the negative ones. I could go into a lengthy diatribe (like I used to!) but that isn’t the point of our blog. And when I say ‘our’ I mean this space is ours – yours, mine and the universe’s.

At the end of each day, I will log on to share some positive experiences that occurred during the day. I may share one experience or it could be many – it depends on how open my eyes are (I am human and sometimes have my dark glasses on :/). However, I would rather not focus too much on what happens to me but focus on what happens outside of my life. In fact, seeing positive things happen to other people truly enriches me, and yes, I am being completely selfish, but in a good way, right?

Could you also use this method to enrich your own lives by looking for all positive experiences outside of your sphere?

You may already do this, which is great, but we’d like to hear about them.

Now, I know negative things happen in all of our lives and I am in no way suggesting you ignore them but if you can try to look harder for the good things, I promise you’ll find them. Remember that without the negatives there would be no positives.

Our lives would indeed be lacking in any energy whatsoever – we’d be as flat as they once thought the world to be.

This is where you actively come in. I would like to come home each day after work, log on and read about the positives that happened to you during the day.

Your message can be anything from a stranger holding the door open for another stranger to being happy that your friend got that bonus she deserved because you know she works 100+ hour weeks….it can be anything that gives you that ‘Life is grand’ feeling.

Also think about the words you use to express your feelings about those experiences, this will help you to re-live that experience again & will allow us to live through it too.

Be creative. Please don’t be afraid to use colourful imagery. Be free with what you want to say.

Write with energy as I will read your experiences first then I will draw on your words to write my bit. I reckon that if we all create enough positive energy, we can knock the world of its axis, in a positive way, of course. Remember, this is our blog and it’s an experience in progress.

So my fellow positivities, I want you to, right now, look in the mirror and smile at yourself – I want you to love who you are. Bounce out of bed in the morning and start your day with a big stretch. As you brush your teeth, after your wonderfully nutritious breakfast, tell yourself, “I shall seek out the good things today, and I will find them”.

On that note, and as my favourite older sister says ( and I only have one older sister so I can say this) Peace, Love & Understanding.


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