Saturday 6/April 2014

Good morning Word Press!

I thought I’d write a morning post today to change it up a bit because we all love change!

Every morning this little person wakes me up who truly likes to ‘duggle’. He jumps into bed with me, at goodness knows what hour, and snuggles down.

I know these moments won’t last forever as my 7 year old will be 13 (and not wanting to be dramatic) so I am savouring each moment like these as if they are my last breath.

And then he rips out this mighty large fart but despite being grossed out, he makes me laugh at 6.30am. A pretty good way to start my day, despite the stink.

Thank you Oscar for your light, love and stink you’ve added to my life for the past 7 years.

Until tomorrow ~ Live life, love life.


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