Monday 8/April 2013

I am going to pick a word every day to help inspire my posts and hopefully they will in turn inspire you.

Today’s word (sounds like Sesame Street!) is FAMILY.

When I talk about ‘family’ this can also mean our friends, communities & groups to which we belong. I am not necessarily talking about the blood connection type but in my case I am.

Family has helped me to identify who I am at the deepest level of my conscious and unconscious core. They are really the only ones who can tell me how it is. They can freely tell me when I’m being a complete nut job but they say it with unconditional love – despite the internal demons I face from time to time. They are the ones who I can call, and have called, at all hours of the morning to sob uncontrollably because some guy stood me up. Brothers, sisters, cousins etc. are probably more suited for this disaster, ageing parents not so much. But you get my point.

In my 20s, I didn’t place too much importance on family. My friends were my family. People whom I had met at a party the night before became my family. I look back now and wonder when that value system shifted – I was so family-oriented before I turned 15 then I have no idea what happened. I wonder if it is what most young people go through. I suppose living at the other end of the planet didn’t help me nurture those bonds, I chose to move away and distance myself. Cut the rope a bit maybe? Distance makes the heart grow fonder and all that? In all honesty, I lost my way a little bit & I didn’t give it much thought, until now.

Since starting a small family of my own seven years ago, the importance of family has changed or more likely reverted back to its original positive healthy state. My parents have become sounding boards for the various stepping stones I find myself staring (and cowering) at, especially now that I have a child. My sisters are my best friends and we can freely talk about things that sisters can only talk about. I un-glued my eyes & realised what is important to me. I lay dormant for many years and I always felt out of kilter – now I know why.

I realise that some people may not have a strong blood family network but good friends can take on this crucial role. Friends played this role in my life for about 20 years. I am not talking about having hundreds of friends but to just have a close few who ‘get’ you is priceless. Fortunately I still have a couple of friends like this in my life – their unconditional dedication to our friendship is completely invaluable.

Family is such an important network of my inner strength and I wouldn’t be where I am today without all of them & for this I thank them.

When was the last time you told & showed your family & friends how much you love and appreciate them? Acknowledge and be happy.

Until tomorrow ~ Live Life, Love Life


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