Tuesday 9/April 2013

Today’s word is ‘Respect’.

What does this word conjure in your mind? Is it a word that you (aim to) action every day? Are you particular about whom you respect or do you respect everyone and everything that crosses your path?

Respect is a positive word that can be applied to all facets of our lives from obeying the speed limit to ensuring we provide a healthy home for our aquamarine guests.

Being respectful forms the basis of good health for any human being. I call it clean living.

Clean living is a matter of choice. We can choose to be respectful or not. If we choose the latter then we will suffer the consequences. However, if we choose to be respectful then we will cherish the consequences, both within and outside of ourselves. We will see people smile, laugh, cherish and love. As humans, we need to do, feel, hear and see more of this in our world. This will always start with us.

As a child, manners and respect formed the basis of my existence. If I slipped up, I got a clip. So to this day, I practice respect wherever I can. As it was such a strong value in my childhood, I have instilled the same value in my son.

When Oscar was five years old, we went to our local fruiter to pick up some things for dinner. An old man (around 80 or so) was also in the shop. The old man and Oscar reached an impasse at the end of the aisle to cross into the next. Oscar stepped aside, bowed and waived his hand out to let the old man pass through first.

The old man stood there for a few seconds completely flabbergasted, not knowing how to react. He soon regained his composure and patted Oscar on the face and said,

“Well done, young man. We need more kids like you in the world; respect & manners will get you very far in this life.”

Needless to say, Oscar’s eyes widened and he went bright red. Once the old man had left the fruiter, he asked,

“What did I do, mum?”

His manners and respect are so ingrained into his everyday life he didn’t know what he had done that was so different and amazing. So each time we go into the fruiter, the fruiterer always gives Oscar a piece of fruit. And to this day, Oscar practices his manners – he is a real hit with the oldies.

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed when you’ve witnessed good manners?

How do you feel when you are on the receiving end of respect?

Even better, how do you feel when you dish out the respect?

Until tomorrow ~ Live Life, Love Life


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