Wednesday 10/April 2013

Today’s word is ‘Soulful’.

A good example of a soulful human being was Bob Marley; one only has to listen to his songs to feel this.

One of my favourite songs of his is, “Three Little Birds”.  The lyrics (to me) portray a man who truly loved what life had to offer. His soul was full of light when he opened his eyes and ‘smiled with the rising sun’. All of his songs convey a soulful, passionate message, which can be interpreted in many ways by the listener.

Ok, yes, he did smoke a bit of ganja, but despite this, each time I listen to his songs, I feel his soul shine through. I am sure Bob Marley would deeply appreciate that millions of people around the world continue to nurture his soul, may it rest in peace.

There are so many ways we can nurture our souls from having a nice long bath to volunteering for a global charity. The options are endless but which one/s work for you?

Is it travelling to different parts of the globe to learn about different cultures? Is it teaching children how to read? Is it planting seeds then seeing them grow & thrive? Is it chasing whale hunters in the middle of the Antarctic to ensure a species’ survival? Is it sitting on your balcony each night to watch the first of the evening stars brighten up the sky? Is it telling your special people, every day, that you love them?

The list is endless…

Is your soul full? How can you feed it?

Until tomorrow ~ Live Life, Love Life


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