Monday 15/April 2013

Today’s word is ‘Closure’ (the psychological meaning).

Most of us have ridden the tumultuous wave towards closure and some of us may be riding it now. Even if the ride is rough, this needn’t be a bad thing, provided our outlook is positive and we stay strong every step of the way.

I’m not going to sugar coat it; the journey towards closure can be bloody rough. It comes complete with ups, downs, and we move forward five steps then slide back 10.

At the wave’s peak it seems like it will never end. Once we think we’ve almost reached the shore, the wave yanks us back towards a foreboding rip. Frustration and despondency set in, we lose our focus and subsequently fall into a dungeon of self-pity and hopelessness.

Being stuck in the rip can depress, wind and literally knock us unconscious, blinding us to the positive aspects of the journey. We become so consumed with the negativity of it all that we are left with little or no control over the thoughts that pollute our minds and feelings that imprison our souls. We easily forget that we possess unlimited strength to cope with most situations.

For the sake of our being, we must not succumb to this slippery slope. This is a hard thing to do, but not impossible. Remember, we are amazing human beings that are capable of achieving great things if we simply choose to stay positive and compassionate to our needs (without the self-pity).

However, negative experiences can also teach us, providing we want to learn from them, what we are truly capable of achieving. If we choose to learn more about our strengths and weaknesses then we can objectively look back at a situation and say, “Well I could have handled it a bit better by doing it this way …”

By allowing self-awareness to become an intrinsic part of ourselves, we can face any situation front on with confidence and objectivity, therefore allowing us stay more positive in a period of chaos.

A good time to practise the art of staying positive is when things are going well. Yes, it’s a lot easier to do during these times than when times are tough but we wouldn’t dream of giving our 15-year-old their first driving lesson during peak hour traffic, would we?

By practising these methods during calm periods our stress levels are significantly lower, therefore allowing us to refine our tools for when the shit does hit the fan. I am not saying that the ride will be a breeze, but by letting the positives dominate our thoughts they can certainly help to cushion the falls as we venture on our path towards closure.

Closure is one of the most important aspects of our lives as it truly allows us to move on and grow from the experience. The need for closure is often linked to a situation where one part of us ends but, on a positive note, another begins. Staying positive throughout the chaos is the key to getting the most out of the experience/s, and most importantly, to ensure we actually reach the shore.

Are you going through a tough period of closure at the moment? How are you maintaining your positive outlook through it all?

Until tomorrow ~ Live life, Love life


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