The Tree of Life

Oscar's tree

Photo (c) DanniGNT (2013)

It is a custom in Maori culture (Maori is New Zealand’s indigenous people) to plant the placenta (after-birth) in the Earth’s ground to create roots for the baby to unite with Mother Nature.

After our son was born, we decided that we would like to honour and respect this long-standing Maori tradition.

As he was born a week before Christmas, we planted his placenta under a native New Zealand tree called ‘Pohutakawa‘ (see photo above). This photo was taken about 6 months ago and we planted it 7 years ago. It is still a baby 🙂

Pohutakawa grow to enormous heights that, at Christmas time, become laden with fiery red flowers, which have become a symbol of a true Kiwi Christmas. Also very symbolic as our son was due on Christmas Day.

Every time time I feel the need to re-establish my connection to New Zealand and Mother Earth I look at this photo. The soaring positivity I feel from seeing this picture fills me with a sense of peace and connectedness, regardless of where I am in the world.

As a family, we will always be grounded to the place where we laid our roots and that is to the land of the long white cloud, Aotearoa.

How have you grounded your roots? And how do you pay your respects Mother Earth?

Until tomorrow ~ Live Life, Love Life,


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