A 7-year old’s question: ‘Why God, why am I so different?’

Gosh, this is a big question that my seven year old son has written down in his thought book.

After giving some thought on how to deal with his question, I have decided that I will incorporate positive messages about ‘being different’ into our every day life, without discussing this directly with him. I don’t want to make a huge deal out of this because well it’s not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it does need to be addressed, especially if he thinks it’s a negative thing. Given how astute he is, if I make it a big deal then he will think that being different is a big deal. Not the outcome I desire!

So my teaching to him would be along the lines of: we are all different – this is what makes us so unique and special. I will point out different things to him in our daily life with a conclusion that everything is different and that’s what makes life so interesting. I will start by showing him the changing leaves of autumn, which are incidentally different types of leaves but are still leaves nonetheless.

To me, being different isn’t a negative thing at all, it’s just what we all are. It’s a paradox really because we are taught from a very young age that we’re all the same. We are given the fact that we’re all human beings and should treat each other equally and with respect, however, we are different at the same time. This is a hard one to teach to a seven year old, given the complex nature of the human being.

We all have our unique perspectives, thoughts, dreams, desires, ways of life, religious beliefs, food palates, sexual orientations, opinions, drivers, ethics and on and on. If we were all the same then we wouldn’t have evolved into the great beings that we are today.

A thought to ponder for a Saturday morning.

And please feel free to leave some comments, it would be good to hear some different perspectives.

Until tomorrow ~ Live Life, Love Life

Photo from etsy.com

Photo from etsy.com


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