Sunday 5/May 2013


Photo: dannignt
Family Tree @ La Mama Theatre, Carlton

My husband and I went to see the play Tall Man, tonight, at La Mama Theatre in Carlton (VIC, AUS).

This is a partial photo of a large family tree La Mama has on their wall as you walk into the courtyard.

The writing on the leaves are all the plays that have been performed at this quaint little Indy theatre. The oldest we spotted was 1977, but we didn’t have a chance to look at them all. What a fantastic concept to celebrate the family, and continuance, of stage theatre.

The play, Tall Man, was engaging from the opening act to the finale. I was captivated throughout the entire play.

Tall Man wasn’t a very long play – only an hour – but it left you at just the right moment. This technique enabled the audience to use their imagination about the whole plot.

We thoroughly enjoyed it. And when I get tingles of emotion running through me, it means my core has been moved.

Upstanding kudos to:

Writer, Angela Betzien
Director Leticia Caceres
Actors Hayden Spencer (lead male) and Louise Brehmer (lead female)

Designer Alison Ross
Lighting design Glenn Hughes
Music and sound design THE SWEATS
Producer Jamie Dawson (Magictorch Productions)
Photography Sebastian Bourges

Simply an experience I won’t forget.

Until tomorrow ~ Live Life, Love Life


6 responses to “Sunday 5/May 2013

    • Thanks 🙂
      It was an awesome play and theatre. Really special. If you’re ever in Melbourne, check it out.
      Happy hump day!

      • Surething, I have not seen many really so would love to watch one and Melbourne is not that far from Sydney…would keep an eye on your blog in future 🙂
        Have an awesome day Danni!


      • Awesome 🙂 Yes Melbourne not too far from Syd at all! But there are some good little art houses in Syd too, aren’t there?
        You too!

  1. saw a leaf dated 1967, a quick google search showed they started in June-1967… yes an awesome family tree showing the history of a great little theatre!

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