Under the rose bush …

… at work lives a blue tongue lizard. I am not sure if it has a mate. But it has had its tail bitten off by something in the circle of life. Probably a bird of some sort.

Each day, it comes out and bathes in the afternoon sun. And each day, I pop out to say hello & to get my fix of connecting with this country’s rich and prehistoric wild life.

How blessed am I to experience this every day? A solid reminder that we, alone, don’t command this planet.

I must admit, I did jump out of my skin the first time I saw it but then realised it was probably more scared of me! Big baby that I am.

Until tomorrow ~ Live Life, Love Life


Photo: Lazing blue tongue


14 responses to “Under the rose bush …

  1. I’ve just looked online and there’s no way to visibly tell what sex a blue tongue lizard is without DNA testing or performing an operation. Interesting!

  2. That is awesome! We have a bird here that is in love with image of himself in a window and sqwacks/cries at himself, but your animal friend is way cooler

  3. What a handsome fellow! I, too, feel so blessed to be able to share my world with so many crazy creatures. Yours are a little more exotic to my eyes! Lovely post.

  4. Some things do scare one on first sight true
    yes i agree with your point, we don’t control, even, half of the planet by ourselves.

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