Here, let me help ..


I love this photo (some say it has been photoshopped, but it hits the mark!)

Whether big or small, everything on this planet will need help at some stage in their lives.

I thrive on helping people. Everyday, I work with customers and colleagues who need my help. I love helping them as I know it makes their lives a lot easier. I get a kick out of a customer breathing a sigh of relief at the other end of the phone because I have helped to solve an issue.

I think most humans inherently want to help. I want to believe this because the world needs this positivity….

Do you enjoy helping people/things? Have you seen some good deeds in action lately?

My task for the weekend: to help out a complete stranger.

Until tomorrow ~ Live Life, Love Life


8 responses to “Here, let me help ..

    • Yes cats are extremely helpful, as are dogs 🙂 I will definitely let you know if my mission was successful!
      Have a good weekend.
      Danni x

  1. Helping people is not just a passion, it is a willful duty to humanity. This is what i go by. I share in your idea of helping a complete stranger, sometimes, even when its very inconvenient, but it’s always good to show someone new, the love of humanity.
    I really do like this post, it speaks to the heart.
    have a great weekend ahead!

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