A dose of Vitamin A …


This is my second award since I started blogging two months ago, thank you to ~Broken Halo and Tattered Wings~ A little girl’s tears and fears, a woman’s broken and scarred heart, and Grace for giving me this award for my post, ‘Relax…it’s Monday’ …

Below are The Sunshine Award’s simple rules:

  • Post the Sunshine Award logo
  • Then nominate 10 fellow bloggers you feel are worthy of this award
  • Announce their nomination on their blog
  • Plus, link a ping-back to the nominator’s blog

Questions for all nominees:

Favourite color?
Navy blue

Favourite animal? 

Favourite number?
8 (date I got married)

Favourite non-alcoholic drink?
Coffee (especially when my son makes it)

Favourite alcoholic drink?
A good red wine

My Passions?
My family, writing, helping people, dancing, unearthing weird and wonderful music.

Giving or Receiving Gifts?
Giving – I like seeing peoples’ faces when they open their presents 🙂

10 Wonderful Blogs by some people who have made meaningful connections with me over the past two months:

1/ http://stillmorepages.wordpress.com

2/ http://youbymyside.wordpress.com

3/ http://dadirridreaming.wordpress.com

4/ http://starrystez.com

5/ http://andrawatkins.com

6/ http://bodhisattvaintraining.wordpress.com/

7/ http://fecthis.wordpress.com

8/ http://ajaytao2010.wordpress.com

9/ http://failedadventures.wordpress.com

10/ http://magicandmarvels.wordpress.com

These are the 10 blogs & I wish I could nominate more 🙂 So when you have a mo, please pay them a friendly visit.

Until tomorrow ~ Live Life, Love Life


17 responses to “A dose of Vitamin A …

  1. Oh! Now I get it. Sorry about the last reply to being nominated for the Sunshine Award – I was confused! This is very sweet. You have made an impact on me through your blog and it is very significant that you mention mine, especially as I have just begun it. Thank you for the huge compliment!

  2. Pingback: A Bouquet of Awards – 11 Nominations | Ajaytao 2010·

    • I don’t know how you access WordPress but my app has been having a conniption this weekend. At the moment I can’t even load your link 😦 I will get to it in the next day or two when I am near a computer.
      Thanks Danni

    • Hi 🙂 Sorry I haven’t done this yet. I find it hard to do these on my iPhone! Next time I am near a computer I’ll do this. But the big thanks is there! Danni

      • Danni lease dont worry take your own time dear

        you may choose 4 awards

        thank you so much dear

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