I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth …


Mark Twain
Source: sueunerman.com

Telling the truth is really a strong concept, isn’t it? I remember my parents always saying to me, ‘Now you must always tell the truth, no matter what. You will get into more trouble if you lie than if you tell the truth’.

Well, as I have found out (the hard way) telling the truth has a lot of grey area around it, it’s not just black and white. Sometimes hearing and, more so, telling the truth is not a pleasant experience for anyone.

So your best friend has just had her hair done and you don’t think it really suits her but when she excitedly asks you what you think of it, how do you respond?

‘It looks wonderful darling’ to save her feelings or do you say,

‘Well …. ummmm … errr’, which to me is like saying ‘It looks crap’ or do you tell her the truth,

“Darling, this is just my opinion, but it really doesn’t suit you, perhaps next time don’t go so short around the face?” then you might hurt her feelings.

In these situations, telling the truth is always so tricky. As I have gotten older, I have become more & more adept at skirting around situations where I am asked my opinion because really, does my opinion matter that much?


I am a terrible liar. If I tell someone their hair looks good when it doesn’t, my face becomes all twisted and contorted because I am telling a lie. I get all shifty-eyed and I really feel uncomfortable because my thoughts and what is coming out of my mouth are negating each other. But if I say nothing, when asked my opinion, then I may as well tell the truth anyway. Oh the dilemma.

My age-old friends value this about me, they say they always know where they stand with me. But, I must admit, to some it may come across as harsh, mean, cold-hearted and downright nasty. But I just think that if I am honest and open with my friends then this allows my friends to be honest and open with me, which they are. I don’t get hurt by it, in fact, I cherish it – as long as it’s not a scathing bitchy attack – but if it’s coming from a genuine, heart-felt place then how can I be angry about hearing the truth from people I love?

Are you always truthful with your friends? And are they truthful with you? Can you handle the truth?

Until tomorrow ~ Live Life, Love Life


3 responses to “I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth …

  1. Nice post on truth telling…
    Yes I am very honest (to a fault) with my friends; though I come across as annoying and blunt at times, but, “your hair looks very off,” is what I will say, or “another hairstyle would really look great on you…” I am that honest, with no regrets, but I think its always good to be honest, even if it hurts

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