A rare find

Marmalade Café, Brighton East Melbourne
Source: http://www.marmaladecafe.com.au

There is no better way to start the weekend than by sitting in a newly discovered café surrounded by warmth, smiles and happy chatter.

As we are non-Melbournites, we love to explore what this city has offer. And explore it we do.

Known for its food and café culture, Melbourne has so many hidden nooks and crannies bursting to be unearthed. We are so fortunate to live in a city that enables us to add its rich layers to our lives.

We found a new café this morning called Marmalade Café. For those Melbournites reading this, it is located just at the beginning of Hawthorn Road, Brighton East (just as you exit off the Nepean Highway heading South).

We arrived at 8am so the café had only been open for half an hour. It wasn’t too busy so it was easy to find a seat.

By the time we had finished our breakfast, half an hour later, the atmosphere was bustling with gym nuts, parents and their kids, cyclists stopping for a coffee break and girlfriends out for breakfast.

The atmosphere was lively but serene. The café itself has a unique charm. Old china teapots and tea cups lined the shelves, old fashioned photographs hung on the walls and the youthful wait staff wore aprons our grandmothers wore. I felt as if I had stepped back into yesteryear.

The food & service was amazing. Boasting an extensive menu, the chef is also part owner so has an extra special vested interest to make it work. The front of house crew was headed by a New Zealand woman, who I think was the other owner. But their story is here if you’re interested in the history.

The café prides itself on using organic produce grown in their kitchen garden – an idea that resonates with me. I am finding it increasingly difficult to pay $12 for a breakfast dish where all the food is heated up from frozen crap. I also avoid eating in cafés that don’t use free range eggs and don’t serve non-fair trade coffee. I am a fussy ethical customer. Puhhhh.

I had the house made Bircher muesli with stewed fruits and yoghurt. Simply delicious and a healthy way to start a Saturday. It was a big portion but I ate & enjoyed every spoonful.

The coffee was made to perfection and served with a kiwi smile. I love when you can crack a joke with the host and the laughter is genuine. A true connection.

Overall happening upon this café was a great experience. We had actually pulled into Hawthorn Rd to turn around and we spotted this café by chance. I love haphazard finds, it makes the experience all the more rewarding. And what a bonus that the café turned out more than alright!

The café is open 7 days a week from 7.30am to 4.30pm. Lunch looked good too, so I may give this a whirl next week. And they also do a French Provincial dinner on Fri & Sat nights.

Given this super new discovery, this café is being bookmarked as a regular stomping ground for yours truly! So if you live or plan to visit Melbourne, head to Marmalade Café, you will not be disappointed.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Try to make a new discovery wherever you are in the world – it definitely makes life more interesting.

Until tomorrow ~ Live Life, Love Life


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