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Happy hump day everyone. When I started writing this, my eye lids were about to introduce themselves to my toes. I was tired. I went out with friends last night, consumed a few glasses of wine & ate too much food. If my 25 year old self could have seen me she would have laughed and told me to, “suck it up cupcake”. Yes. She would.

So I went outside for some fresh air. As usual, I took with me my extended limb and I received an audio note from my sister singing Deniece Williams’s song from Footloose, ‘Let’s hear it for the boy. Well. I laughed so hard that my energy rebooted almost instantly. I think that’s all I needed – a good old laugh.

Sorry C, but it was hilarious, especially the part where you didn’t know the words. It reminded me of the times when older sis would sing and skim over words she didn’t know or she’d just make them up. Like the words to Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ or the words to a Red Hot Chili Peppers song.

We didn’t have Google back then so we had to rely on the supply of lyrics in the CD inlay or the good old fashioned way, using our ears. Suffice to say the words weren’t provided and regardless of how many times we pushed rewind, we could never understand the words. So we just made them up. Your antics certainly injected some energy back into my oxygen deficient brain and further inspired me to write this post. So thank you.

So I figure we all need a bit of laughter, right? I think it truly is the best medicine for most ails. So next time you’re feeling a bit lacklustre, hop on to YouTube or even better, my sister can send you an audio note of her singing. Either way, get laughing – you’ll feel so much better.

Until tomorrow ~ Live Life, Love Life


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