Goal 1⃣✔

So I am back (temporarily).

Three weeks ago, I set myself a pretty massive goal and found out this morning that I successfully achieved it.

This is goal one of four that I need to achieve (well) to win the prize. I won’t divulge the prize yet but it’s a big life change, which I am thoroughly excited to be executing. The journey so far has been an exciting adventure. If anything, it has breathed life into me.

Have you set any goals for the latter half of 2013?

Until tomorrow ~ Live Life, Love Life


11 responses to “Goal 1⃣✔

  1. Whatever your goals well done for having them and very well done for your first achievement. So many of us drift along through life then before we know it its gone. Being proactive and having meaningful goals is a great way to live life to the full 🙂

    • Thanks Tracy 🙂

      Yes it’s important to have goals, I agree, and to work steadily to achieve them, properly. Some of the goals I have are scary that require a lot of prep and hard work. But these are the ones from which I will develop, and will ultimately push me to my limit. It’s exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time….

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