Birthday wish ..


Hi everyone,

I am currently fundraising for severely affected communities around the world to have access to clean water.

When I blow my candles out on Monday 1/July, my wish will be that everyone I know can donate $1 to this fundraiser.

The goal is to fundraise $1000 by 1/July but I reckon any amount will be worthwhile to these struggling communities.

If you can spare $1 please click here to donate.

WordPress bloggers ~ making the world a better place.

Until tomorrow ~ Live Life, Love Life


4 responses to “Birthday wish ..

  1. I can’t Dante the click way . Ill put ten dollars in mums account for you

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  2. Sorry that we missed your water campaign. We have already donated some money for a cat operation in the US this month and naturally, we would have donated a dollar to your cause. A shame that it´s finished, although I would have preferred to have donated with paypal because credit card companies tend to charge an awful lot for their services. (We don´t particularly want to support credit card companies as well) 🙂
    Lots of nice greetings from Germany and all the best with your activities.

    • No problem 🙂 All good and understood. And totally in support of the charity you donated to as well. We can all only do our best!

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