Where did it go?

It has been a long time since I posted any words. I keep thinking it has only been a few months but I think it has been longer, much longer.

Where did that time go?

Each time I look around, something or someone has changed. Life is consistent in that respect that change is the only constant in our life.

But if it’s such the way of life, why do I feel as though I haven’t changed?

Maybe I have but perhaps because I’m so close to it I can’t see it manifesting. I would like to think I have somewhat evolved. Although, one wouldn’t think so as I sat weeping the other night as I packed away my, dare I say it, Dawson’s Creek six season box set. I truly had this hankering to remember my youth – not re-live it – but just to remember it. To remember what it felt like to have so much drama in my life. Not that I want drama but perhaps how it felt to feel so intensely about things and people. I could relate to each one of those characters and most of the experiences they had, I had growing up. It was about growing up. We have all been there.

So when did I ‘grow up’? Am I so obsessed with the idea of ‘growing up’ that I can’t remember anything about my youth without having to watch re-runs of Dawson’s Creek? That’s sad. Considering it has probably made me into the person I am today. That’s a shocking thought actually.

Well it’s either that or my memory is shot, which I believe is what they called ‘old age’. And I am not ready for that yet either!

But that is something to look forward to. Old age. It’ll mean I have really grown up.

Until tomorrow ~ Live Life, Love Life


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