The wheel of life

How many people feel like they are a hamster going round and round on its wheel? The answer is probably the majority of us.

The lucky few who don’t feel this way are those who are consciously aware that it’s happening so they manifest change and jump off, regardless of how scary it is.

It’s easy to stay on the wheel because it’s comfortable and familiar, we can handle that. We arrive at work each morning (or night), turn on the computer, then go to the coffee machine, go back to the computer and start checking the 1000 emails that have arrived in overnight. Shockingly, the next time you look at the clock, 4 hours have passed and you feel like you haven’t achieved anything except go round and round on the forever turning wheel.

So how does one get off the wheel? I never had an issue with jumping off when it got too comfortable, so what has changed and why am I suddenly so resistant?

Parenthood, mortgages, marriage, loans, cars … The list goes on. The smothering feeling of responsibility makes us stay on the wheel. But what if we hopped off and changed wheels now and then? That’s a scary thought for a Sunday but really, life is for living, isn’t it?

Until next time ~ Live Life, Love Life




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