I just read a wonderful article about two women in Iowa, US, tying the knot after being together for 72 years. Vivian Boyack is 91, and Alice “Nonie” Dubes is 90.

Fancy writing a new chapter in your life in your 90s! That’s two generations ago for me! I have a hard enough time writing a new line in my life let alone a chapter….

How enlightened must they be to get married (very) late in their lives after living through a series of very different and arduous lifetimes.

This has enlightened me knowing that two people who have seen – and lived – the world more times than I have, can take a huge leap like that.

Gay marriage in my country (New Zealand) is legal so it’s not controversial but this is still touchy waters for some. But not for these ladies of generations past!

That’s how I want to be when I grow up ….. Brave, Progressive & Independent.

Until next time ~ Live Life, Love Life


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