40 years on …

The sun has been high (and hot) in Port Macquarie and each morning we have woken up to the sweet songs of the many birds that share our beautiful world.

A new day dawned so we decided to head to the world’s only koala hospital (that is dedicated solely to koalas and no other wildlife).

My son and I spent two captivating hours watching the koalas go about their business (namely eating and sleeping!)

We met a young male called ‘Pascoe’ who had just been rescued last night from a hotel room in Port Macquarie. His rescuers found him being nursed by a guy and no one knows how he got there. The most important outcome is that he was rescued.

Koalas arrive at the hospital due to vehicle injuries, bushfire casualties, genetic defects and humans capturing them to ‘humanise’ them. Members of the public call it in and they promptly despatch rescuers.

The koala hospital does amazing, selfless work relying solely on public donations. So if you have a free moment, please visit their website to see the incredible work they do. And if you’re in the area, please pay them a visit. You will be amazed at the great work they have been doing for the last 40 years.

Until next time ~ Love Life, Live Life




IMG_8457.JPGPatients’ Hospital board


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