Evaluating Values

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When life changes, as it often does, we can be sent into a tailspin. We get used to the status quo & become quite comfortable with the way things are going. Something or someone throws a spanner in the works, and sometimes, all hell breaks loose.

There’s never really a prescribed way to handle change as we all react in different ways. However, the first thing I did was re-evaluate my values. I listed out 12 core values in order of importance. It is comforting to learn about myself and, most importantly, to allow myself to use them as a foundation upon which to re-build my new life. It was an incredibly cathartic experience because what I thought were some of my values, are no longer.

Some of the values I identified were ones that defined me as a 24-year old. Today, I am 39, with a very different focus on life, which means a whole new set of values. The new values have helped me to define who I am, which has helped me to let go of the person I was. It’s refreshing that I can continue my journey towards self-actualisation and self-enlightenment, despite it being a pretty rough road.

In having a concrete set of values, I have given myself the strength and the courage to keep walking and to not look back at my life that was. That part of my life is over and it’s time to start making some good decisions about where I want to go, who I want to be and what I want out of life. One foot in front of the other towards evolution.

Live life, love life.



2 responses to “Evaluating Values

  1. Wow, I see some of myself in what you just said… Creepy, but good to know i’m not alone in the world (I am 24 – and I feel like i’ve just re-adjusted my whole value-set; I feel like i’m in a better place introspectively). I’ve scheduled an article about values and morals for this Wednesday; look out for it if you’re keen xxox

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