Relationship check-up

Just like we (well some of us) have regular health check ups, it’s crucial to have regular relationship check ups.

It’s very easy to keep going along with the status quo in thinking everything is OK. Of course, there are obvious tell tale signs when things aren’t going ok but if we aren’t checking in, how do we know?

I am not talking about being over-zealous and constantly smothering each other with ‘checking in’ but it’s about discussing and working on issues when they arise. It’s also about being available and objective when your partner wants to talk about something. There’s nothing worse than wanting to discuss something with your partner and fearing their reaction. It’s all in the delivery and this takes a lot of practice and care. No one likes to be criticised so learning how to objectively communicate about an issue is a positive step. Perhaps seeking out a good counsellor to help mediate is also a good way to broach issues. But learning how to communicate is crucial.

I subscribe to this great newsletter, penned by Marc and Angel. The tips and information I have read to date has helped (and is still helping) me to get through the phases of the separation. It is helping me to identify where I went wrong – how did I contribute to the breakdown? It always takes two to make a good relationship and two to make a bad one.

If you’re interested, this is their latest newsletter, handy points to remember. Even if you’re in a good, solid relationship, it never hurts to re-educate and re-align with your partner. Also very good if you’re not in a relationship as this knowledge can help you to build solid foundations with someone new 🙂

Live life, love life



2 responses to “Relationship check-up

  1. My husband always jokes to me that carpooling is our relationship therapy. We are stuck in a 2 hour commute round trip for 4 days a week. So for 2 hours a day we need to be spending time with each other. That’s our 2 hours to talk and communicate, and it really makes our relationship strong. I highly recommend any couple to force each other to spend 2 hours with one another to talk. No quiet time, just to talk it out. It really works wonders for a relationship.

    • Yes that’s a great way. My ex husband and I used to do that too back in the old days. It’s a very effective method, as long as arguments don’t ensue & you find you can’t get out of the car!

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