How did you move on?

This is a good mantra to live by but it’s difficult to action. By god it’s difficult.

How do you let go of so many years of being with one person? Despite the downs, they were weaved into the fabric of your life. You built a home, a family and memories together. Now, suddenly, they’re no longer there.

Whilst you may still be communicating (on a superficial level about the use of the family car and how your kid is doing at school), all you want to do is pour your heart out to them because they have always been your go to person. They are no longer that person anymore.

I know that moving on is a necessary step in healing from a break up but what if you think that moving on is a mistake? I suppose you won’t know until you do it. But do you take that risk? A risk of not recovering at least a little bit of why you fell in love with each other in the first place? Then work with each other to rebuild from there?

No. Your ex partner has said they do not want the relationship to go any further. There is no chance to recover or to rebuild. In this case, perhaps letting go is the step before one can move on.

I am interested in hearing how you have let go and have moved on from an ex. I have read countless articles about how to let go and I know it doesn’t happen overnight but I am fearful that it will take me years to do. I am not a patient person and if I had a magic wand I am sure I’d be abusing its privileges about now.

Please leave me a comment!

Live life, love life



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