Filling the void

I agree with this deduction. Ever since my husband left, I have been filling my life with things to do and people to see. I have solidly booked out my calendar until Dec 21st and we are only at the end of July. It either tells me that I am a highly social creature, which I am, but I think it’s more that I am trying to fill a void so I am not alone.

Both statements are true. I am a highly sociable person but I wasn’t like this when I lived with my husband. It’s only now that I am branching out because he was my social crutch. Bad move on my part.

So I need to work on paring back the social activity and use the downtime to get to know myself, to enjoy being with me. I do love being around people – I like to talk and laugh, people energise me. I appreciated the times my ex husband and I had together but we just had too many times together. He then started having a life outside of me and was quite aggressive in taking ‘his time’ whereas I didn’t. Another bad move on my part. I dedicated a lot of my time to my growing son. This is not a bad thing but I forgot about myself in the grand scheme of things. There’s a balance.

Well now I am making up for it. I have joined several social groups to meet new people. I do have many good friends here and fortunately, a good chunk of them are outside of the ‘mutual’ friends group. Good move on my part. I kept in touch with these friends because I always felt that was important for me to do. I nurture all of my friends and they nurture me. Every single one of them has been a huge support during this time and I am full of gratitude for their existence in my life.

Live life, love life



2 responses to “Filling the void

    • It’s a hard one but it will get easier. We have a child together and it’s not as easy to blank and ignore him, as I would normally do to people who piss me off.

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