On Spirit

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How often do you feel like you’re caged and hemmed in? Do you find you are doing things you don’t want to do and most importantly you are not being the person you truly are? Ok…that sounds a bit like an ad for a psychic helpline … moving along …

Sometimes we walk through this life not knowing who we are and what we want. We get bogged down in the every day activities of life making us forget to keep our spirit alive & most importantly to keep it at the forefront of who we are.

We wake up one day, look in the mirror and say, who the hell ARE you? You have a few more wrinkles, a lot more grey hair and your eyes, when did they change? You suddenly don’t recognise yourself because you lost touch with your essence years ago.

It takes a lot of courage to embrace yourself; to strip and peel back the decades of experiences that we have allowed to shape and define us. It does take work to realise who we truly are but we need to remember this: the essence & energy are already within us – they were there when we graced the world with our energetic presence when we first let out that almighty loud wail to let the world know – I AM HERE. We just need to harness the energy and go with it. So walk your path because you are already that person you want to be, you just don’t realise it.

Once we let go of the mind telling us who we need to be, what to do and how act in a certain way, our soul and spirit will open up. The seed we planted years ago will bloom and our light will be a magnificent beacon. We just need to allow that to happen and just be.

We cannot be scared of our souls. Our experiences do not define WHO we are, they are just things that happened that we need to let go of, regardless of how painful. We can’t move forward on our path of who we truly are if we are clutching on to something that happened 30 years ago or even five minutes ago. Sure we may have contributed to them happening but they are not us. Being stuck in a timeline can, and does for some, grip our souls so tightly that sometimes we can’t breathe. Our souls are in a state of turmoil so why hang on if that’s the outcome? And for some, the past is like slow release quick-sand that can take years to break free from. But it can be done and one has to let go so the light can break through.

Inherently, humans are amazing light sources for our beloved planet Earth. Think about it. You walk into a room that is buzzing with excited chatter, heat radiating off everyone in the room and they are alive. How can that not be an extraordinary existence of energy? In turn, as we radiate our energy, our planet draws it in to release its own; we are living in tandem with Earth and further afield with the wide open Universe. If we choose to shine our light, by being extraordinary beings, we can find peace, acceptance and love for every living thing on our planet and most importantly within ourselves. If our light is dark then we will feel, see and experience darkness. The energy that we reflect out will be the energy we draw in. Positive Vs Negative.

Can you imagine a world full of peace, love and acceptance? I can. And it starts with you.

Live life, love life.


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