Nelson Mandela knows the act and power of forgiveness well. He endured decades of abuse and yet he still found it within himself to forgive

I have done and said things, and have behaved in certain ways that, well, I perceived as unforgivable. I have been angry at the world for many years, which has in turn reflected this energy out – especially to the people who love me the most. I was an angry teenager and it spilled into my adulthood. I now know (as a much wiser adult) that a lot of my anger was an emotional reaction brought about by circumstances that were completely out of my control.
I am currently walking the path to self forgiveness and only until I can (and will) wholeheartedly do this – and most importantly acknowledge that I am human – will I feel at peace. 
I am slowly moving through the process and I am enjoying the journey. I will continue to ‘be’ as that is all that is required of me at this moment in time.

I am taking my time because the lessons that are unfolding for me are are gifts that are truly helping me to reconnect with my soul.

And it feels so good.

Life is for loving, not hating



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