On Truth


The truth is never easy to hear or to believe, is it? Our minds play tricks on us. How often have you thought, that can’t possibly be true?

At the moment, this is happening all too often for me, but thankfully occurring in only one area of my life. I am firm in my truth and it has set me free from the untruths that have been told to me for years. I am truthful with myself and really, that is all that matters. If someone chooses to lie, that’s their untruth – not ours – we cannot carry that burden on their behalf.

When someone lies, your level of trust is instantly eroded thus erasing all the truths that have ever been shared. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for my trust to be diminished. I like to trust people, I enjoy the feeling it gives me but when that trust disappears my feeling of joy is replaced with a feeling of disappointment and unease. But like all feelings, we must go with it, feel them and let them go and acknowledge that just because one person is untruthful, it doesn’t mean everyone is. I have to keep this feeling firmly wedged within my soul.

At the end of it all, if a person is untruthful and dishonest to us, they are only letting themselves down. However, they can leave a wake of devastation in the process. It’s up to us to be strong and acknowledge that in the end, the only truth that matters is our own and that is what we must live by.

Life is for loving (and for being truthful), not hating.



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