Does this exist?

I do believe in soul mates, and even more so that you can have more than one. Each soul fulfils a different facet of your own whether they are friends, family members, lovers etc.

I have several soul mates. My son is one of them. He offers me freedom, peace and love every single day. Even when he isn’t around, I am thinking about him and I miss him. And he unconditionally offers up his love and peace to anyone who accepts it. His capacity to love and to be loved is so great that it is simply a truth I can’t ignore.

I have several friends that offer the same. They are patiently loving, kind, caring and empathetic. I simply can’t ignore the truth of the solid friendships I have with these people.

On love, well, I thought I had met my soul mate. Surprisingly, however, since he has left, I don’t feel a gaping big void – like a piece of my soul is missing. This has clarified to me that indeed he was not my soul mate. Perhaps at one point he was but when our souls disconnected, our doors closed on each other.

And then there is self. I am indeed my soul mate. I fulfil my soul in so many ways because I know and what I need to do that. I practice meditation morning and night, I go to reiki, I dance twice a week and I surround myself with people who have souls like mine. I know how to nourish my soul and treat it the way it should be treated. No one else can truly know how to do this.

So is that love ‘soul mate’ out there? Hmmm. I think once you have found your true soul mate – yourself – you open yourself up to a world full of souls attracted to your own. Energy reflecting energy, young one (Dzar).

I floated through life desperately searching for my soul mate when all I had to do was look in the mirror. Then I found her and damn, it feels good to be alive.

Life is for living, not hating.



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