The Light

As we near the full moon, the end of August 2015, I reflect on life. I have been  meditating three times a day on how I want my life to be. In the end, all I really want is to be free to be happy and to love myself.

How to manifest has been a mystery. It is hard not to think about external things that might make me happy. Instead, I am starting to think about what it is within myself that can make me happy. 

I choose to love wholeheartedly and to live my life in an honest way. If I can manifest these two things and send out that positive energy to all that know me, and to the world at large, I manifest the type of life that I really want. The life I am living now.

To love wholeheartedly is difficult. I know that I need to feel this for myself before I can feel it for anyone else, and most importantly to allow someone else to love me wholeheartedly. 

The spiritual path that I’m on at this moment is guiding me to reach this point. I’ve been working hard to realise the capability within myself to love who I am and to fully come from the knowing of me. To shine my light.

I have no regrets and I have no wishes of having done anything differently because life has taught me an abundance of valuable lessons. I feel that I have reached the point where I am happy with who I am. 

When life presented me with a difficult lesson three months ago when my husband told me he didn’t want to be in a relationship with me any more, it made me take a hard look at myself. I don’t blame myself and I don’t blame him. I have compassion for him and for myself. We both lost our way many years ago and we shut down from each other & from ourselves. I have faith that we will find ourselves again so that in the future we can both be free to love and be loved again.

The path to happiness begins with forgiveness and loving of self.


3 responses to “The Light

  1. Amen! You are doing so well in healing considering it’s only been 3 months. I’m glad you are reaching a peaceful state of being. It makes all the difference in the world.

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