Pink unicorns and butterflies 

Happiness is one of those things in life –  you can choose to be happy or not. It truly is entirely up to you.
If we aren’t happy within ourselves then nothing is going to make us happy. I can attest to this. I have been a walking, living & breathing example of this phenomenon. 

I have found that relying on externalities such as people, material objects (cars, clothes etc) have not and will never make me happy. I relied on these externalities for a good part of my life. And I found that when they left (people) or it ran out (money) I was left with this big gaping hole. It wasn’t due the fact that I didn’t have them, it was because I let them define who I was and how I was going to be happy.

Externalities come and go. They aren’t permanent – think relationships for example. As much as we would like to have an ideal long term partnership with someone, at some point they end, be it through them or you leaving or through death. For the soul to truly be happy, it needs to be nourished and loved by you, for you are permanent until your death. Once you truly love who you are, you open yourself up to loving and to be loved.

So all in all, I’ve let my ego drive me for years. It has made me think and do things that my soul recoils at. Why? Because I didn’t know any better. No one told me that I was essentially being unfaithful to myself – to my own truth.

I went to see Dr Wayne Dyer in NZ – two days before he passed away, RIP. His spirit of living has been passed on to many people throughout his time of spreading the light. His teachings about ego are profound and knowing.

I recently watched his movie The Shift. It had a profound effect on me and I wish to pass this on to you so you may feel the same. I highly recommend watching his movie if you are travelling on a path of spiritual enlightenment. I also recommend it if you’re not ☺️ You can watch it here for free.

Go well and go forth in light and love, dear followers.

Danni 💫


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