It’s a wrap….

Life is full of lessons, most of them quite hard but it is what it is. We can let them break or make us. An old Chinese proverb states that through great tragedy comes great change.

Many of us hang on to old patterns of thought & behaviour that results in the same old feelingsEdit & reactions to situations. In my experience, it seems until you get the lesson that life is trying to teach you, the same situations are going to keep hitting you in the face.

A lightbulb goes on and you have that ‘ah-hah’ moment. They are quite incredible when they strike.

The past six months have been filled with ‘ah-hah’ moments. I have to admit tho, prior those moments I was asking, why, how, when? Those questions didn’t serve any purpose because I was looking external to myself.

The biggest ‘ah-ha’ for me was learning that – irrespective of the lesson – how I react to it is what really matters. I had to forget about asking, ‘why is this happening?’ because really – it just is. Rather, I had to just focus on ‘how will I choose to react to this?’

So I did and have been doing this ever since. In most situations – I am still human – I take the ego out of every situation, step back and assess how do I react to this. I consciously remind myself that how people choose to live their lives and behave towards me has nothing to do with me. Even how they choose to treat me is not a reflection of who I am; that’s up to them to decide. They may not like me, well so what? Do I like myself? Yes. Yes I do.

So, it’s a wrap. I’ve chosen to be happy, loving, grateful and caring. All these are totally in my control. Why would I choose any other path?

Danni x 


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